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The Worth Project Podcast

Jun 25, 2019


We have been fortunate to have visited 50 countries. Jordan and I have always made traveling a priority. Now with baby Henry, traveling has changed for us but we still love it. 

After our trip to Lake Orta, Italy last week, we realized we had some good tips and lessons that we could share on how to not go broke when...

Jun 18, 2019

Sadly, Jordan was out of town for this podcast, but I got the chance to talk to Crystalee Beck. Honestly, this conversation was just what I needed. All of us have moments when things get hard. When we question what we’re doing, if we’re going to make it, and if we’re even doing the right thing. As we get closer to...

Jun 4, 2019

Here is what I truly love: hearing stories from awesome people who decided they wanted to do something with their life and then they go out and do it. We all need a little bit of that inspiration once in a while, right?

That's exactly why we interviewed Dini Klein of Prep + Rally on our show this week.