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The Worth Project Podcast

Jul 31, 2019

As I write this, the movers are packing up our last few belongings. The family heirlooms and kitchen stuff are all that is left. We sold 90%+ of our stuff. It feels great to get rid of things but it wasn't as easy as the internet says it is.

Erica and I share how it feels, what the process was like, what we’ve learned, and how we think it might impact our future purchasing. 

We have 10 days left in England and then wheels up, off to California to see friends and family and then off to Maui. Our adventures are yet to begin. 

Subscribe or stay subscribed so you get the start of season 2! This is the end of season 1. We will pick up again once we are settled in Hawaii. Season 2 will be out in October and we can't wait. We will talk to you then!

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