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The Worth Project Podcast

Mar 11, 2019

This week on The Worth Project Podcast, we are talking about the most unique gift we have ever received, how we translated our life plan into a money plan. And our visit to a Michelin star pub. Yes, a local neighborhood pub with one of the most coveted restaurant awards in the world.

Sitting together on my parent’s patio to make our budget was what got us moving on our life plan. Making our budget got us over our case of the “somedays.” We over-share how we made our budget, our biggest expenses for moving to Hawaii and being self-employed, and the big money gap we discovered in the process.

A basic budget when planning a change in your life or vacation will give you a number to work towards. This makes it more real and actionable. Making our budget enabled us is to know our business income and savings gaps. Having these numbers gave us something to work towards, instead of procrastinating.

Pricing out your dreams and goals can make them more real. But also, make you realize it isn’t as impossible as you thought.

We fully acknowledge that a podcast is not the ideal medium to have a couple describe how they made their budget. That’s why we are providing a free download of the budget template we used. I love this budget template because it is so simple. Erica didn’t overcomplicate the number of line item expenses. With your inputs, it spits out your money gap. If you have one.

Download your free budget template here:

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