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The Worth Project Podcast

Jun 18, 2019

Sadly, Jordan was out of town for this podcast, but I got the chance to talk to Crystalee Beck. Honestly, this conversation was just what I needed. All of us have moments when things get hard. When we question what we’re doing, if we’re going to make it, and if we’re even doing the right thing. As we get closer to our move date I’m constantly questioning everything and full of fear about what the future holds. Excitement and fear.

Talking with Crystalee was the reminder that I needed that things are going to be OK. We all can figure things out.

Crystalee went from being laid off and scraping by on unemployment with two babies to now being in a completely different place. She now has 3 kids, two businesses, and a schedule that allows her to make time for it all.

She is the founder of Comma Copywriters that provides writing services and content to businesses. And she is the co-founder of The Mama Ladder, which helps moms create their own career path. Plus she has some exciting news about a $5,000 grant they’re currently offering through the Mama Ladders.

Check out the show notes for links to the High Five Grant and more information on Crystalee Beck.…y-crystalee-beck/