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The Worth Project Podcast

May 21, 2019

Today on the show, we break down how we made 3 recent big, scary decisions in our Worth Project. Including, Jordan making the leap to leave his job.

You already know we’re moving to Hawaii. We’ve said that. But now it’s real. Here’s the update that will take us from the UK to Hawaii, via California. Wheels up on August 12th. Here we go!

A case of the somedays is over. Jordan is leaving his job. This is the omg. We’re not independently wealthy, so we’re going to live off my income. I’m doing this by continuing to write in the personal finance space and still taking some consulting clients but I’m dialing way back. I have my CPA but I’m working to round out my education with a financial counselor accreditation. We shall see where this takes me.

Jordan is going to explore opportunities in the green space, but not rush into anything. We want to experience and get to know Hawaii again. Jordan really wants to spend time in nature and time with Henry. Plus he will flex his creative muscles creating videos about his green adventures and science experiments.

And we’re selling it all and moving to Hawaii. Selling it all because 1) shipping is expensive and 2) we’ve just realized we don’t need a whole lot to live a great life.

We are leaving the UK which is hard to swallow. We have loved living here but it can’t be here forever as our families are 5,000 miles away. Plus, our work visas won’t allow us to stay past 8 years (we have clocked in 5.5 years). We have a lot of bucket list adventures to knock off the list between now and then. We’ll be spending 5 weeks in CA visiting family and then we’ve booked a one-way flight to our new island home.

Our new home in Hawaii just fell into place. We feel very fortunate. We had been looking at places to live in Hawaii for a few months now but without much luck, as they didn’t take dogs. They clearly don’t know our cute, quirky dog. We called Erica’s relative who has a condo in Hawaii for some advice. Luch has it, we made a deal with them.

3 Big decisions that we approached differently:

  • Jordan leaving his job. The decision was actually easy when Jordan’s parents were here. Being intentional with our spending has slowly given us breathing room.
  • We’re going to sell Jordan's beloved piece of land that we were going to build our dream home: lesson for Erica that nothing is off the table
  • Picking a new place to live that is still far from family: how we are going to make this work.

We created 3 pillars that we want to make decisions about. If a decision helps us develop in one of these areas, we’re going to probably do it.

  • Courage: There’s so much to be afraid of, but we don’t want to live our lives in fear. We want to have the courage to do things that may seem scary but aren’t dangerous.
  • Community: A community is only as strong as the weakest link and we’ve wanted to spend more time being active and engaged in building a strong community.
  • Conservation: Nature, the environment, and sustainability are truly the things we are most passionate about in life. We want to learn more about the natural world and help create solutions to protect it.

Plus some things that we always do to help us make decisions.

Check out the show notes for pictures of our final adventures in the UK and other updates: